Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stars and Space, the sequel

'Emerging from the deep'
Sci-Fi book cover for Mario Martinez Arrabal.

final sketch where we knew what we were going for, made this summer.

A sequel to 'in the middle of nowhere'
It is lovely to get to spend time in space like this :)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

how to draw


 I've been feeling like I can't draw.
It's like playing the guitar, or anything for that matter.
It's hard to be good at anything if you don't work on it all the time.
When you spend time doing something, you invest in it. If you invest, you get results.
I'm not even talking about art or drawing. Or playing the guitar.
I'm talking about relationships, your health. Everything we do, is an investment.
So spend your time being aware of what you are spending your time on
(watching tv, buying stuff, fighting, laughing, loving, taking care of your kids or your body, working, being stressed or worried).
That is what you'll be, that's what you'll be good at.
So. Invest in what is important to YOU.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Game artist

Soo, here it is. I am now officially a Disney approved artist.
Which means my art has gotten approval.
From Disney.

in 2014 I was a freelance coloring artist for the game The Duckforce rises, check it out :)
Kari Korhonen, the megamaster artist drew the card-art used in the game and I colored 90+ of those cards.
I was also lucky to get in early within the design process and got to play around and make some early concept art for the game.

not bad.

here are some of those cards and what the art looks like in the game.
I think it looks pretty.
I am proud.