Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nature Witch

She is a woman entwined and merged with the forest she loves.
She is enraged with humanity destroying nature, misunderstood in her love for everything living.
Man thinks she controls the trees, flowers and their power, but she is one with everything, breathing, living and dying with the seasons.

I was pampered by my godson Kaira, he made my make-up and took photos, according to his original witch vision, for his make-up portfolio :)
I did some retouching to the photos but mostly just had a blast standing in bushes :D


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Handmade leather bracers provided by Bard&Jester!

I've been planning this photoshoot for almost a year now, really happy that it was so successful :)
Many thank yous to my gorgeous model Mr. Lång, and to Jani for the bracers :)
Thank you nature for the most beautiful setting and weather <3

Thanks to Mr. Lång for half of the photography as well <3