Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Les Filles Frou Frou

 So, I was asked to take part in a lolita-themed pop up shop in Paris!!!! <3

I've had this dream for years, that I would make unique glamorous girly shiny frilly frames

for my prints, especially the ones with princesses.....
So, I am happy to have had again one of my dreams come true :D

at Guiq' Chaq, Paris, France, for 2 weeks, these will be sold as well as the last of my jewellery,
digital prints, bookmarks and a couple of copies of my book as well. :)
event HERE!
oh, I kept the pink unicorn jesus for myself though :D

The pop up shop is called Les Filles Frou Frou, and there is unique
Lolita clothing and jewellery, from several European countries!!!

 ** one week of staying up till 3-5 am, it is always worth it!!!! :D **

ahhh materials.... does anyone else feel like drooling??

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