Thursday, March 27, 2014

weird spring - part 1

There was cathair on my calendar one morning.
I think this picture tells all. I've had a spring of weird distractions.

I was on telly. Twice! What/why/how? Pure luck. And 10 years of work. Mostly luck.

Also my cat was on tv. He has no idea though. Because he's a cat.

I also moved. My new workspace is wonderful. And distractingly ALMOST finished.

 I am trying really hard to focus on work after a month of moving chaos, today I laminated bookmarks. This is not work. I know.


  1. Katsoin molemmat telkkujutut netistä jälkeenpäin :) Oli tosi mielenkiintosia ja asiallisia!

    1. Kiva kuulla!!! :D tsemiä taiteeseen ja kaikkeen! :)