Friday, March 7, 2014

Graffiti at home

This is what my livingroom looked like 2 weeks ago.

I painted the background with basic grey&pink wallpaints before spraying.
I built an airtight(more or less) plastic tent to prevent painting the entire apartment.

While painting I had a reference I did in photoshop on my old cell.

I also pimped a couple of ikea chairs with some pearly acrylics.

 I had a lot of fun testing different spray caps. All in all, I'm hooked :D

 final result. It is inspired by the wizard of Oz, you know, emerald city and the yellow brick road ;)

Most important thing: breathing masks.

It is official, I'm no longer a graffiti virgin, finally!!! =D


  1. Toi on niiiin magee toi seinä!<3

    1. Kiitos :D vähänkö oli kivaa, toiv päästäs kesäl maalaileen kimpaski :D

  2. Mahtava seinä :D Oispa oma asunto niin sais kans tehdä jotain hauskaa :--)

  3. This looks amazing!! Your reference to The Wizard of Oz is really unique.
    I'd love to get into this art! I only do graffiti style art with sidewalk chalk in the summer. XD


    1. Thank you so much Harlynn!!! Also so nice to hear from new people, makes me very happy!! :D