Sunday, March 30, 2014

spring - part 2 - colors in and out

I cut up some candy wrappers and plastic bags. Trash is actually really pretty.
And it stays on your face pretty well with just water. Long enough to take weird selfies.

As for this spring, I also got inner colors by lovely Katariina <3

Thursday, March 27, 2014

weird spring - part 1

There was cathair on my calendar one morning.
I think this picture tells all. I've had a spring of weird distractions.

I was on telly. Twice! What/why/how? Pure luck. And 10 years of work. Mostly luck.

Also my cat was on tv. He has no idea though. Because he's a cat.

I also moved. My new workspace is wonderful. And distractingly ALMOST finished.

 I am trying really hard to focus on work after a month of moving chaos, today I laminated bookmarks. This is not work. I know.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Graffiti at home

This is what my livingroom looked like 2 weeks ago.

I painted the background with basic grey&pink wallpaints before spraying.
I built an airtight(more or less) plastic tent to prevent painting the entire apartment.

While painting I had a reference I did in photoshop on my old cell.

I also pimped a couple of ikea chairs with some pearly acrylics.

 I had a lot of fun testing different spray caps. All in all, I'm hooked :D

 final result. It is inspired by the wizard of Oz, you know, emerald city and the yellow brick road ;)

Most important thing: breathing masks.

It is official, I'm no longer a graffiti virgin, finally!!! =D