Friday, November 29, 2013

Can't..... Publish....

Sorry for the lack of colors.
I've been really into music, soul, blues, rock, listening and learning, mostly singing along.
I loooooove singing. It's my latest obsession.
and I've lost almost all interest in photography or painting for fun, because
I feel music is at the moment the best outlet for, you know, stuff :D
Yea, I've also written my first song, which is quite crap, so Can't Publish That. :D

But seriously, mostly I've been really kicking ass with our comic book,
it's all 36 pages in color already, but I need to fine tune EVERYTHING... Can't Publish That. Yet.
but here's some thumbnails I found really helpful to draw before
checking reference poses for the color compositions.

Next week I'll start working on game concept stuff and around
christmas possibly some cool armor concepting.
But it's all a secret so Can't Publish That.

Sorry, I'll be posting tons of stuff again when I can :D
I feel like I'm brewing a REALLY potent cup of hot chocolate.
When it's all ready, it'll be AWESOME. :D