Monday, October 7, 2013

Fun Fan Fest

I have to get something off my chest.

I am in a debt of gratitude to my fans.
Those few people who I know are out there.
I only know because I have had small conversations with you at conventions.
I have seen the look in your eyes and it is the same spirit I know we share.
I couldn't do this art thing without your love and enthusiasm.

So, this weekend was the last convention of the year and Fanfest proved to be the best convention yet.
Programs were varied, between Games, Movies, tv, Comic books and Anime, perfect combo.
Paying for the entry was worth the money.

 my stuff...

Art alley was packed with people all the time, the location was a beautiful old building, built in 1908, Paasitorni.

different prints for this con:

 Architecture was beautiful, only flaw was that the bigger sales area was in the cellar and as you can see, it didn't attract loads of people, even though there were tons of people on the other 5 floors...

To my left was Laura Pihl:s pretty hardcore animal art and on my right Sami's forest scifi art, I was in good company, literally :)
Below cool steampunk gear which I wish I had had more time to investigate, by Bard&Jester.

Fanfest was the first of it's kind, hopefully not the last!!! This was a great beginning. Damn I wish I had a second body(or a Tardis) at these con:s so I could listen to the panels and lectures, as well as talk to peeps...

See you next year. Now time for some art making :)

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