Sunday, August 25, 2013

up close and personal

Godmother, daughter, sister.
photos of Laura and myself taken by Hanna, photos of Hanna by me.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blood Ink

It's funny how things fall to place, how friendships last and things don't change over time.

I didn't even remember that I used to draw with a traditional inkpen
(from my closet artist grandfather) as a kid and I used to love the medium.

...not until I got this beautiful featherpen from two of my oldest friends
and let me tell you, drawing with ink still feels gooooooooood.....
Thanks sisters for this reminder, and of the fact that you are there, even if far away <3

I did the base in pencil, traced the image on another paper and inked the letters on there,
combined them in photoshop.. sorry if my spanish is still all over the place  :p

what a therapeutic day, drawing on paper (and watching a season of ink master) today...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bumble B. Jones

 In the middle of a 12 month comic book project, I sometimes need a break.
After getting great photoshop brushes a friend gave me and having had 
deep artistic talks with fellow artists, this came out.

Working on the comic book seems to have changed some of my ways of working and my David Mack idolisazion seeps through, apparently ;)

And yes, this is inspired by Grace Jones, obviously ;)
In this piece, she is a flower and pissed off with the bee sucking on her honey :D