Monday, July 8, 2013

Finncon 2013

Where do you meet people like this?

 Where do dinosaurs walk the streets in broad daylight?

Where simple flies are celebrities?

Where hugs are free...

...and the ghostbusters act as the local law enforcement?

It's called FINNCON!

 Art was for sale and good conversation for free!
-Sami, Sirkku, Sari-

 I had new and old prints for sale, jewellery and the graphic novel.
 The wonderful thing about 'art alley' was that everyone' style, methods and subject matter is so different  from one another and every single one has people coming up to them saying 'you're the greatest artist ever'. That is why you should never try to be like someone else!

What i picked up for myself:
Art from:


Extempore photoshoots are a thing from heaven. or hell. <3

medusa + daphne / Katariina + Anna-Liisa


What I'm saying is, somewhere over the rainbow, there is a place where you can be just as you are, without judgement. It's called finncon.
Thank you!
Sirkku logging off...