Friday, June 28, 2013

The healing power of make-up. and summer.

It's been hot enough to melt anybody's brain, so bare with me.

This post is about the joy of color. During the summer in Finland everybody changes into summermode, takes most of the clothes off, goes into the park/lake/yard and turns their brains off.
For me, this summer has been about colors, RuPauls drag race and food.

Summer post, part 1:
Pink Panther in drag

I found a genre called 'genderfuck' and realized my paintings with ladies with mustaches are exactly that. And that I should paint more stuff with androgynous or super mix-gender characters.
Aaaand today I had a good flow and was supposed to work but ended up taking stupid photos. BUT! This has a point...

When you feel like this:

You can always put some crazy makeup on (I learned this from watching a LOT of RuPaul)
And feel like this: aaaweeesoooome :D


Summer post part 2:
More random colors:

Graffiti at Suvilahti and some mango sorbets&batman sangria.
(why haven't I painted graffiti yet??? There's a bunch of legal places to paint these days so I have no reason not to.)


Summer post part 3:
Pink Panther for real

Original production cels from 1993, pink panther tv- series, a gift from my dad. aawesoome.

 a closeup behind the cel, real handpainted animation. really cool.

This reminds me that I should be working.
bye for now!

Summer has been full of fun little experiences, to be continued...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Au naturelle

From last weekend, my beautiful cousin Laura's highshool graduation photoshoot.
We took also some without the compulsory hat&flowers(and I'm really glad we did),
I think she looks like an acclaimed movie acctress in these! <3 
Barefoot before the rain :)

Pictures of me a necessary must, I guess I needed some attention from myself today. Plus the summer heat doesn't help me focus on actual work.