Monday, May 27, 2013

rainbow dinosaurs

Hey you :)
I haven't posted anything in a long while, since I've been drawing so much, but at last I took some pictures! Mostly I just had an amazingly chilled relaxed day hanging out, drinking, eating, photographing with a friend, who appreciates the finer things in life: open minded people, weird colorful things, toys and cartoons  :D her BLOG, check it out!

We had no plan for this photoshoot, so here is:
Lara with DJ the prettyboyIguana

being supercool in black&white :)

My gorgeous leggins i got from Lara and my new secondhand sneakers, yay :D
And the coolest barbie I've ever seen!

Thanks Lara&Hide for a great inspiring happy colorful relaxed summer day! :D


  1. I really enjoy visiting your are a very talented artist!! Congrats!!..That´s pity I live far away from you..cause I would like to have a photo session like one here with Lara and Dj;) greatttttttt job!!!!
    Now we are following each other!!
    Greetings from Spain!
    Maria aka Wiccana

    1. Encantada, Maria! :) Thanks so much!! photosession would be fun, maybe some day, you never know!!! :D