Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bleeding Saints

These two seemingly unrelated sketches are a result of this weeks contemplation of what is important to me: acceptance, freedom of expression and empathy towards other living creatures. Hence, bleeding saints. A gay jesusunicorn - a pure soul, and a white rabbit, innocent and helpless, both violated.

Dancing in the light, my voguing gsus.
Dancing is the most direct artform, it comes from the soul, from the heart, from pure truth.
You can't lie when you dance.
Dance videos that have inspired me this week:

Second idea of the week... A bloodbunny.
I hate vivisection, the cutting and testing on live animals. I wanted to paint a princess with beautiful blue makeup, which runs on her cheecks when she cries over a bunny that has bloody eyes because of the beautiful makeup. This image is not as cruel as i wanted to paint, but here is:

Thank goodness in europe cosmetics tested on animals are now forbidden, but if you don't live here and are into fashion and such, try these, NOT tested on living things:


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