Monday, March 25, 2013

Girl Power - KAPOW!!

Oh man, can't remember when I've had so much fun! And this time it was at a comic con.
Whaat!? might ask... I have to tell you something. I love comics. And comics and women/girls mesh very well. Let me demonstrate:

I am a girl.

I read comics.
(OMG I read David Mack's 'Vision Quest' a week ago, I could just die, it's so gorgeous, poetry; visually and verbally)

I draw comics.
My comic on the left (my table this year), other one I'm illustrating fo a friend currently.
AND I buy comics, about GIRLS(this years finds on the right).

When I go to comic cons, I hang out with GIRLS.
(sorry guys, I haven't forgotten that you are there too, just making a point ;)
(Lara has more pictures from the con HERE!

Also, when I go to comic cons, I see mostly girls. I know this is because my table is always among the manga stuff, but I also know as many female traditional comic artists as men.

heh, I even tried to take a picture of you guys (2 comic dudes talking about comics) but apparently this time my camera ignored males as targets, sorry :D

I loooovvveeee these people. Boys and girls, horror or cute, blue, green or purple :D

And all this took place under pretty chandeliers :D

As you can see I was a little boxed in by all the manga :D
Look mom I'm wearing the dress you bought me! :D

 Aila working hard, saturday was super busy. On the right the supercute awesome coat she has made, check out her WEBSTORE!! Thanks Aila for the hanging out on saturday, hugs!! <3

 location: old finlayson factory complex in Tampere, Finland

and after dragging about 50 kg of mechandise through ice, snow, rocks and sleet, it's always good to come home ;)

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