Thursday, February 14, 2013

Alice, the stolen catgirl.

I was listening to Alice Cooper and saw some freaky shoes online and something happened.
I had to draw a picture. The vision was clear. Here it is:

After finishing the painting I suddenly remembered clearly the cover for the single 'Nightwalkers' by a finnish girl trio called MIAU.
As it so happens, 6 months ago I found this because my singing teacher is in the band! I thought that their band is really really cool and the cover was nicely anarchistic and girly at the same time :D
So I guess I kinda stole it, or what do you think?

cover: Jani Kivelä, Layout Susanna Tikkanen

Other inspiration: I always have a bouquet of lollipops on my workdesk. To remind me there is color and happiness in the world even when it is dark outside for 6 months of the year. Earrings I 'pimped'= glued plastic diamonds on while taking a brake from painting this due to flu. Fits the theme ;)


The shoes I mentioned: monster shoes, toy-shoes, candy shoes 

I was also really inspired by this lion girl by the amazing Robi Pena.
...and I can't go without giving credit for inspiring the black&white look, I've lately been in awe of the style of  Nekro.

My original analog sketch.

And as a final touch, 2 very inspiring, colorful, music videos featuring lovely colorful characters:


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