Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kiss from a Frog

I love frogprinces.

There are big and small things we love and fear, some by the cover, some by the heart.
When love is pure, deep, frightening, we are totally blind and see everything clearly.

It's the crystal on our forehead,
a third eye,
a cold, lingering, caring kiss on a warm chest,
A tight hug.

Years ago I saw this by A. Andrew. Gonzalez and it burned for forever into my mind. Amazing, right?

It is extremely hard for me to paint without colors and if I printed this froggy onto a canvas for an exhibition, I would definitely have to frame it with gold, flowers and all the colors in the universe, sorry. But I love it and I think I did justice to my inspiration, in some way.

 original sketch and an old fave froggy from France(ooh laadidaa aren't we fancy):

I have two main inspirations for how I like my princesses: Rudolf Koivu and an old children's book of mine which has been illustrated by Hilda Boswell(especially this cover in particular). On the right bottom corner an illustration of my favourite fairytale character 'Diamondbird' by Elisabet Nyman. I was tempted to draw diamonds on the feather headdress of my princess, but it would have taken the attention off the main subject, the frog kiss... will have to save that for later, that bird is a whole new sad story to be told.

Alice, the stolen catgirl.

I was listening to Alice Cooper and saw some freaky shoes online and something happened.
I had to draw a picture. The vision was clear. Here it is:

After finishing the painting I suddenly remembered clearly the cover for the single 'Nightwalkers' by a finnish girl trio called MIAU.
As it so happens, 6 months ago I found this because my singing teacher is in the band! I thought that their band is really really cool and the cover was nicely anarchistic and girly at the same time :D
So I guess I kinda stole it, or what do you think?

cover: Jani Kivelä, Layout Susanna Tikkanen

Other inspiration: I always have a bouquet of lollipops on my workdesk. To remind me there is color and happiness in the world even when it is dark outside for 6 months of the year. Earrings I 'pimped'= glued plastic diamonds on while taking a brake from painting this due to flu. Fits the theme ;)


The shoes I mentioned: monster shoes, toy-shoes, candy shoes 

I was also really inspired by this lion girl by the amazing Robi Pena.
...and I can't go without giving credit for inspiring the black&white look, I've lately been in awe of the style of  Nekro.

My original analog sketch.

And as a final touch, 2 very inspiring, colorful, music videos featuring lovely colorful characters: