Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dragons and fake tattoos

 I don't think I even need to explain this...
game-night, friends, too much food, 2 tired cats, 1 dog, children's waterwashable markers.

  ...and a great way to bond with your friends&family: Draw on them :D

Friday, November 29, 2013

Can't..... Publish....

Sorry for the lack of colors.
I've been really into music, soul, blues, rock, listening and learning, mostly singing along.
I loooooove singing. It's my latest obsession.
and I've lost almost all interest in photography or painting for fun, because
I feel music is at the moment the best outlet for, you know, stuff :D
Yea, I've also written my first song, which is quite crap, so Can't Publish That. :D

But seriously, mostly I've been really kicking ass with our comic book,
it's all 36 pages in color already, but I need to fine tune EVERYTHING... Can't Publish That. Yet.
but here's some thumbnails I found really helpful to draw before
checking reference poses for the color compositions.

Next week I'll start working on game concept stuff and around
christmas possibly some cool armor concepting.
But it's all a secret so Can't Publish That.

Sorry, I'll be posting tons of stuff again when I can :D
I feel like I'm brewing a REALLY potent cup of hot chocolate.
When it's all ready, it'll be AWESOME. :D

Monday, October 21, 2013

a hat

 I crocheted myself a hat.
Isn't it great? :D

...with plastic crocheting... things. There was a sale at an arts&crafts store and I went a little mad.

Also made a collar thingy from the leftovers.
Actually, it's not that bad, the hat. Sometimes it's good to make things that are imperfect.
Like sometimes it's good to eat cake. or as often as possible.
Stay warm and put your feet up, it's gonna be a long winter <3

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lobo the Wolf

My favourite kind of work, character concepting and design!
YAY!! :D

This is a mascot for Lobomotor Studio. I had crazy fun birthing this fellow.
Will be interesting to find out what he's capable of :)

oh yeah and the wolf head logo is mine as well.
His ears are exhaust pipes, if you're wondering :) He's a motor, you see.
Wolf Motor.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Acorns and Unicorns

Just photos from a walk to a nearby forest today. It's really yellow, red, orange, black, blue and green.
Pretty. Like psychedelic candy.
No I didn't eat weird berries.
I always carry a toy unicorn in my pocket.
maybe I should.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fun Fan Fest

I have to get something off my chest.

I am in a debt of gratitude to my fans.
Those few people who I know are out there.
I only know because I have had small conversations with you at conventions.
I have seen the look in your eyes and it is the same spirit I know we share.
I couldn't do this art thing without your love and enthusiasm.

So, this weekend was the last convention of the year and Fanfest proved to be the best convention yet.
Programs were varied, between Games, Movies, tv, Comic books and Anime, perfect combo.
Paying for the entry was worth the money.

 my stuff...

Art alley was packed with people all the time, the location was a beautiful old building, built in 1908, Paasitorni.

different prints for this con:

 Architecture was beautiful, only flaw was that the bigger sales area was in the cellar and as you can see, it didn't attract loads of people, even though there were tons of people on the other 5 floors...

To my left was Laura Pihl:s pretty hardcore animal art and on my right Sami's forest scifi art, I was in good company, literally :)
Below cool steampunk gear which I wish I had had more time to investigate, by Bard&Jester.

Fanfest was the first of it's kind, hopefully not the last!!! This was a great beginning. Damn I wish I had a second body(or a Tardis) at these con:s so I could listen to the panels and lectures, as well as talk to peeps...

See you next year. Now time for some art making :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

up close and personal

Godmother, daughter, sister.
photos of Laura and myself taken by Hanna, photos of Hanna by me.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blood Ink

It's funny how things fall to place, how friendships last and things don't change over time.

I didn't even remember that I used to draw with a traditional inkpen
(from my closet artist grandfather) as a kid and I used to love the medium.

...not until I got this beautiful featherpen from two of my oldest friends
and let me tell you, drawing with ink still feels gooooooooood.....
Thanks sisters for this reminder, and of the fact that you are there, even if far away <3

I did the base in pencil, traced the image on another paper and inked the letters on there,
combined them in photoshop.. sorry if my spanish is still all over the place  :p

what a therapeutic day, drawing on paper (and watching a season of ink master) today...