Tuesday, November 27, 2012


For years I've been dreaming of the day my art would be published in ImagineFX, the greatest magazine in the world on digital fantasy art. I have the magazine all over our apartment lying everywhere to remind me how many great artist are out there doing what I dream of doing.

Especially next to my computer I always have stacks of the magazine among my other inspirational stuff (toys :P), the covers are so colorful they give me energy and hope.
The day is finally here, I'm in there too! :D

 Here are both covers (subscribers and shelf versions) for this issue (issue #90, check info here)

I am so happy and thankful, one big dream came true this year!
And I love the fact that from the images I sent they picked my favourite, the punk-bowie, that makes me feel all fuzzy inside, I must be doing something right...

Thank you IFX! <3