Saturday, October 13, 2012


Todays photoshoot in Helsinki with wonderful Lara!

Cupcake pretty, no? Pretty awesome to be working with such a gorgeous model... =)

All my ideas seem to get out of hand, always. After I had arranged to meet Lara today to 'just talk and take one test photo' I spent 8 hours yesterday beading and ruffling and stitching old lightcurtains, transforming them into accessories and planning all kinds of photos I could take with them... Now I can't just post one photo, they are all so cupcakey. The more the prettier, I say. 

I paid about 5 € for the materials so I think the photos are pretty good, considering :) The previous photoshoot cost me 2,5 € so this was expensive compared :) Flee markets rule. Can't wait for summer and proper photoshoots with more clothing-oriented stuff :)
Btw its a lot of 'fun' working late at night with 2 playful cats, while you try to cut even strips with scissors =)

This is a fun test which turned out to be quite interesting. a vertical wall turned into windy mirrorland...

A fun extra discovery, bubble tea! I am definitely already addicted to popping those bubbles... =)