Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nature graffiti

Just to warn you, this post is about the beauty of a dumpster =)

 When we came out of the forest today(10 km walkabout day), I stumbled upon this quite unused dumpsite once again. The light was perfect and in fact the place left me mesmerized and wondering about how people interact with the environment. Something about this place was really beautiful to me.

 After taking a few photos I noticed some apples and berries on the ground and everything around seemed somehow positive and not least the colors of the graffitis mixing with the colors of the fall trees. 'Stay in school' was a message on the wall.

If you read this blog, you might already know I love graffiti. (btw photos of me by Ape who also walked ankle deep in mud) The reason I love street art is because it has no rules, no schools, no hours, no critics. It's pure freedom and pure creativity. How can someone not love that?

 Here graffiti was joyously brightening a shit dumpster, with other fruits of nature and labour.

Life grows from shit. So does creativity and all things positive as well. Think about that =)

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