Monday, October 8, 2012


 'I took this little hamtaro with me so I can take a picture of him under a mushroom.'
My dudefriend has been picking up mushrooms for two hours and looks at me funny.
'Hmm, that sounds like some mentally healthy and normal activity for a 35 year old woman.'
Yes indeed. indeedididoo =)

 I just realised this year for the first time in my life how nice it is to pick mushrooms from the forest, mainly because where they grow:
mossy green fairytale forests where i could walk forever.
And free food =)

 Suppilovahveroita that I picked up and some other tatti that i did'nt touch.

 mmmmm.... pie...


  1. Oh my god. In this pose, Hamtaro is in the middle of saying "koosh, koosh". XD

    Great photos (from other posts, too -- not just this one!). I love Lara from Rocketraptor, so that's how I found you! You're a great artist. ^--^