Monday, October 22, 2012

Distracted spectrum

I have been feeling really light and airy since yesterday. I had a really relaxed weekend with a childhood friend, which is the equivalent of a week in a spa..
So, today's post is about light and air, even though I wanted to make a post about scents, perfumes and myths...

I am distracted by shiny objects, always =)

And by onions, apparently.

So I took photos of myself, wanted to update facebook as well from the darkness.
The weather has been so depressing, we have to enjoy the light while we get it!

And as a last note of sunlight a couple of lucky shots of a dragonfly I took this summer.
I don't get it why I haven't put this blog up 5-10 years ago when I started going crazy with photography and all this art crap.

So here's looking at something shiny.
I recommend it.

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  1. Beautiful photos!