Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Accidental light & magic

 I was at a great gig last night and took some photos with my old pocket camera.
Danko Jones here playing 'Baby Hates me', my favourite.

Later I realised there was some setting in my camera I hadn't used before,
must have turned the dial on the camera by accident and it gave a nice long exposure time,
elongating the light spots beautifully.

Later I found that setting while waiting for the bus home and gave the night lights of Helsinki my signature shape, a heart.
(I used to do this as a teenager with a film camera)

Inspired by the lights and Danko's last words:
'This heart gets stronder, this skin gets thicker, this mouth gets louder',
I did these two sketches today. Accidentally they look like characters from Tron and Watchmen...

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