Monday, October 22, 2012

Distracted spectrum

I have been feeling really light and airy since yesterday. I had a really relaxed weekend with a childhood friend, which is the equivalent of a week in a spa..
So, today's post is about light and air, even though I wanted to make a post about scents, perfumes and myths...

I am distracted by shiny objects, always =)

And by onions, apparently.

So I took photos of myself, wanted to update facebook as well from the darkness.
The weather has been so depressing, we have to enjoy the light while we get it!

And as a last note of sunlight a couple of lucky shots of a dragonfly I took this summer.
I don't get it why I haven't put this blog up 5-10 years ago when I started going crazy with photography and all this art crap.

So here's looking at something shiny.
I recommend it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Accidental light & magic

 I was at a great gig last night and took some photos with my old pocket camera.
Danko Jones here playing 'Baby Hates me', my favourite.

Later I realised there was some setting in my camera I hadn't used before,
must have turned the dial on the camera by accident and it gave a nice long exposure time,
elongating the light spots beautifully.

Later I found that setting while waiting for the bus home and gave the night lights of Helsinki my signature shape, a heart.
(I used to do this as a teenager with a film camera)

Inspired by the lights and Danko's last words:
'This heart gets stronder, this skin gets thicker, this mouth gets louder',
I did these two sketches today. Accidentally they look like characters from Tron and Watchmen...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nature graffiti

Just to warn you, this post is about the beauty of a dumpster =)

 When we came out of the forest today(10 km walkabout day), I stumbled upon this quite unused dumpsite once again. The light was perfect and in fact the place left me mesmerized and wondering about how people interact with the environment. Something about this place was really beautiful to me.

 After taking a few photos I noticed some apples and berries on the ground and everything around seemed somehow positive and not least the colors of the graffitis mixing with the colors of the fall trees. 'Stay in school' was a message on the wall.

If you read this blog, you might already know I love graffiti. (btw photos of me by Ape who also walked ankle deep in mud) The reason I love street art is because it has no rules, no schools, no hours, no critics. It's pure freedom and pure creativity. How can someone not love that?

 Here graffiti was joyously brightening a shit dumpster, with other fruits of nature and labour.

Life grows from shit. So does creativity and all things positive as well. Think about that =)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Todays photoshoot in Helsinki with wonderful Lara!

Cupcake pretty, no? Pretty awesome to be working with such a gorgeous model... =)

All my ideas seem to get out of hand, always. After I had arranged to meet Lara today to 'just talk and take one test photo' I spent 8 hours yesterday beading and ruffling and stitching old lightcurtains, transforming them into accessories and planning all kinds of photos I could take with them... Now I can't just post one photo, they are all so cupcakey. The more the prettier, I say. 

I paid about 5 € for the materials so I think the photos are pretty good, considering :) The previous photoshoot cost me 2,5 € so this was expensive compared :) Flee markets rule. Can't wait for summer and proper photoshoots with more clothing-oriented stuff :)
Btw its a lot of 'fun' working late at night with 2 playful cats, while you try to cut even strips with scissors =)

This is a fun test which turned out to be quite interesting. a vertical wall turned into windy mirrorland...

A fun extra discovery, bubble tea! I am definitely already addicted to popping those bubbles... =)

Monday, October 8, 2012

ethereal fall

I am so happy! Thank you Trang, we had a really nice photoshoot and just look at these cute, ethereal, powerful images we made :D Especially the last one, I love it so much I'm speechless...


 'I took this little hamtaro with me so I can take a picture of him under a mushroom.'
My dudefriend has been picking up mushrooms for two hours and looks at me funny.
'Hmm, that sounds like some mentally healthy and normal activity for a 35 year old woman.'
Yes indeed. indeedididoo =)

 I just realised this year for the first time in my life how nice it is to pick mushrooms from the forest, mainly because where they grow:
mossy green fairytale forests where i could walk forever.
And free food =)

 Suppilovahveroita that I picked up and some other tatti that i did'nt touch.

 mmmmm.... pie...