Wednesday, September 26, 2012


ooh aah I love jewelry, all kinds; precious stones, glass, plastic, metallic, seashells, fabric, beads. EVERYTHING!
This year I made my own jewelry line and I am really happy with it. I spent countless hours testing, glueing, designing, tying knots, bending loops and earrings and now it is DONE. I have already sold most of these and don't plan to do more. I tend to take on a challenge and when I'm happy with the results, I move on. I wouldn't be surprised though if I made some other accessories&jewelry later on, but it has to be something more fantastic to keep me interested :-)
Check all of them out here.

My darling cat Noki wearing a necklace that eventually my goddaughter picked out for herself.
Ok just to clarify, I DON'T dress either of my cats in jewels or clothing, she just happened to sit on my work table as I was photoshooting this stuff in masses. She is a good poser, though :)

As a post scriptum, I dug out my first handmade jewelry set, which I made about 20 years ago(OMG).
Actually, I do believe they seem to be in fashion(what a surprise, don't these things come full circle in 20 years?)
Here is that old stuff, pretty great, actually, if I say so myself :D

As you can see, I always was a bit crazy/had too much time on my hands/was an introverted nerdy craftsgirl. Yes, all these are correct. But I also playd the drums back then so I guess I was cooler then than I am now :D

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