Friday, September 28, 2012

Sorry and thank you!

A few times, or more than I can count, I've seen a place I have to immortalize. And being a character artist, I always need to put someone in the picture. Many times I've been on an evening walk with my boyfriend and seen a cool place, next time taken the camera with and told him to take a picture of me, with there being no other willing model around. This is why I need to keep finding nice people to model for me :)

So for example, these two images are like that. So I say like: 'I'm gonna stand here picking flowers, you take the picture so that red flower is on the bottom left corner and sunlight comes through it and I'm on the right out of focus.' So sorry for the ordering around and thank you so much for being my partner in crime :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dragon photography

Statue by Sini!
I was asked to take some photos, so I did, also some more artsy photos for fun.

I think this came out super pretty despite the gloomy finnish weather, basic in-house ligting situation and lacking background. Photoshop and some lassoing, voila!

Here is the original photo. you can see here how big this beauty really is; BIG =)

Portraits - an addiction

These are the best photos I took last year. I am putting these here just to remind myself that I need to keep doing this. 'This' means photographing people for no reason but seriously trying to make beautiful images. Don't ask why, I have no idea. I. Just. Have. To. Maybe someday I'll print a book of these in themes, graffiti, classic, fashion, etc. Or have an exhibition at a gallery. Or something. There must be a point to this process. I am yet to find out.
Grace herself, Stella.

Lady Fingerpaint!

Funny. After I created this blog(yesterday) I immediately knew I wanted to photograph a new banner for this blog. Fingerpaint! Never tried that before, was fun and messy. Left a tiny clear patch of skin on my right forefinger so I could press the camera button :D

...but that is not funny, what is funny that 10 years (or so) ago I made my first 'hero portrait' of me & my buddies, and my 'superpower' was paint. It is really obvious, I know, but I find it funny that this new blog is like 'the blog of Lady Paint' now, I reinvented her... =)


ooh aah I love jewelry, all kinds; precious stones, glass, plastic, metallic, seashells, fabric, beads. EVERYTHING!
This year I made my own jewelry line and I am really happy with it. I spent countless hours testing, glueing, designing, tying knots, bending loops and earrings and now it is DONE. I have already sold most of these and don't plan to do more. I tend to take on a challenge and when I'm happy with the results, I move on. I wouldn't be surprised though if I made some other accessories&jewelry later on, but it has to be something more fantastic to keep me interested :-)
Check all of them out here.

My darling cat Noki wearing a necklace that eventually my goddaughter picked out for herself.
Ok just to clarify, I DON'T dress either of my cats in jewels or clothing, she just happened to sit on my work table as I was photoshooting this stuff in masses. She is a good poser, though :)

As a post scriptum, I dug out my first handmade jewelry set, which I made about 20 years ago(OMG).
Actually, I do believe they seem to be in fashion(what a surprise, don't these things come full circle in 20 years?)
Here is that old stuff, pretty great, actually, if I say so myself :D

As you can see, I always was a bit crazy/had too much time on my hands/was an introverted nerdy craftsgirl. Yes, all these are correct. But I also playd the drums back then so I guess I was cooler then than I am now :D

Old Heroes

I thought it would be appropriate to start with last year's project, which was hero portraits. That was basically my first art project outside the basic illustration stuff. Well, since I've been a 'grown up'. I guess it doesnt matter where I start, like with all projects, the most important thing is to start and to finish. What lies is the middle is a mystery =) oh, yeah, this one is a self portrait.

Here's another one, of my friend Leo. The whole point in these photo-paintings was to show what the person is like on the inside, which is an idea I totally love. It would be awesome to do this for a living, to talk to people, get to know them, really dig deep and have fun. I originally wanted to make empowering portraits and managed to make a couple of them. After about six monts and some baby-portraits later, everyone got really excited about how great a business idea this is and the whole point was overrun by marketing ideas and the pressure to reproduce a certain product or work with existing photos. My point was to interview, photograph, and paint, personally and for individuals with motivation to see themselves in a different light. So, the whole project was left as a fun little personal art project. because i'm really bad at selling out. sorry! :P
Here for the whole lot.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Comic coming...

Ok I have to put this in here too. This is my current BIG project, my second graphic novel, working title 'Museman'. With my first book I just dove in head first and had to learn how to swim kind of backwards. I have learned my lesson and for the first time am having a lot of fun being patient and embracing the whole process. The spread above is just a very rough style test with no real script involved, well, kinda. This will be a weird little comic book...

I am in the designing stages and I plan to do that thoroughly this time, concepting characters while my final script is not yet finished. Designing characters is my passion and I don't mind spending hours thinking about clothing and accessories either. As you might well know...  :P
This book is all about friends being your family: trust, acceptance, home.

I painted this without thinking, as interior art, a while back and with time realised I wanted to make a comic with this style. Basically, I think, this is where it all started...